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Who is FLIGHT 328?

We're a synth duo based out of Chicago, IL.

What is Flight 328? 

Music with a purpose; that's what we're about.

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Josh Freddy, who was also born into a musical family, started playing drums at a very young age. He grew up playing mostly in churches but took drumming seriously once he moved to America in 2008. Though his upbringing was predominantly influenced by rock and metal, he loves exploring and playing new experimental music, including his new great passion for 80’s synth genere.

Josh currently works as a digital manager at a church but loves playing music any time he gets the chance!


Born in the suburbs of Chicago, IL, Austin's passion for music was something almost pre-ordained. His mother had been teaching high school orchestra leading up to his birth; consequently giving him the music bug before he was even born! Although he owes a great deal of his musical foundation to his classical piano training, his piano lessons also made him yearn for something new...

"I was fortunate enough to play drums for my high school youth band, which then lead to the opportunity to play for 'big Church' weekend services, which is where I met Joshua Freddy!"


Thanks to Chicago's vast and diverse music scene , there was no shortage of opportunities to him to  make music beyond academia, while continuing his full-time music study music at Columbia College (Chicago)​​. While collaborating with other artists, he never endeavored to start a group of his own.. but in time, that changed...

"This latest project, Flight 328, is arguably the most ambitious project I've been fortunate enough to be part of. It's more than simply recording [music], but writing original lyrics - which is something new for me! and I've had to trust other artists who are better than me to convey our music's message most effectively."


Austin recently joined the national tour of "Hamilton" as the Associate Music Director, yet continues to collaborate with other artists, keeping Flight 328 running "full steam-ahead!"

Indy CC with Matt McCoy